Dr. Nelson’s research on neural response to social feedback and psychopathology has been featured on PsyPost.

Dr. Nelson’s research on gender differences in anxiety has been featured on PsyPost.

Congratulations to Aline Szenczy on receiving a 2019 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship!

Dr. Nelson’s research on attention bias modification and error-related brain activity has been featured in Psychology Today and Psych Central.

Congratulations to Amanda Levinson who was recently interviewed on the Podcast Tell Me Something I Don’t Know about her research on parenting and neural response to observed adolescent offspring rewards!

Dr. Nelson recently received a National Institute of Mental Health R01 grant to examine trajectories of reward sensitivity across adolescence.

Congratulations to Brittany Speed on receiving a research grant from the Canadian Institute of Health Research to investigate the role of sleep quality and emotion regulation on predicting depressive symptoms!

Dr. Nelson’s research on prefrontal engagement by cognitive reappraisal of negative faces was discussed in Psychology Today.

Dr. Nelson received a National Institute of Mental Health K01 career development reward to examine sensitivity to unpredictable threat and uncertainty in relation to anxiety risk in adolescent girls.

Dr. Nelson was awarded a research fellowship from the Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation to conduct a prospective examination of neural emotional reactivity and risk for depression.